Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am hanging out in the school computer lab, trying to fill my time with a little mindless web surfing before I begin my second semester IN A ROW (this is huge) of my fifth attempt in life to return to college. Tonight is Psych 101 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Not too fond of the late time frame, but since it is the most interesting class out of my schedule (and the subject I am potentially hoping to major in), I have no doubt that Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi and a York Peppermint Patty will keep me powering through. I am hoping it will be some sort of undiscovered Student Super Food Energy Combo, as I may need it again through Biology tomorrow morning.

Ugh. Biology.

On the positive front, I am smugly happy with myself, as I am celebrating a little post-Christmas sale victory. Over the holidays, a house on our street had this set of three huge ornaments out on the lawn, with the matching colored balls hanging in the tree above. Simple, neat and very pretty. I wanted the whole scene very badly, but just the lawn ornaments set was $40, and then the packages of two large, shatter-proof hanging ornaments were $5 each. I just couldn't justify it. Tonight, as part of the quest to kill time, I was crusing through the Wally World and found the very decorations I had so been coveting, and was able to purchase the lawn ornaments, six sets of the colored balls (two in a pack), and two sets of smaller balls (six in a pack) for a grand total of $18.85. WOO HOO! YIPPEE! OH, HOW I LOVE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! AND CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ON SALE! I am considering going back for another set of the lawn ornaments but that might be a bit much. Sean asked, "Are you ever going to be done with Christmas?", to which I replied, "Are you ever going to be done with Halloween?" Needless to say, he understands my need to feed the holiday machine. I'm just glad I'm not that way about Easter because knowing my penchant/uncontrollable ability to inhale boxes of Cadbury Eggs in one sitting, the last thing I need is to be scouring those post-holiday sales.

Off I go to learn...

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