Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Woo hoo! I'm off to fly the friendly skies to Chicago to spend six days with my sis! It's kind of a big "her 25th birthday, my 30th birthday" celebration for us. I am so excited, and so looking forward to this vacation. Mainly, I'm just really happy to get a chance to get a glimpse into Bimpsy's life as it is, since I only really ever get to see her when we both get to our parents' for the same holidays, which is ridiculously rare anymore. Oh sure, we spent Christmas together, but since it was over the course of Daddy dying, there really wasn't a lot of joy going around. So this will be different and entirely new since we have really never had a vacation with just the two of us. She makes her way to Denver every once in a while since our mom lives about three hours away, so she's been to see me and my life, but I haven't been able to do the same with her. I'm really looking forward to Saturday because she takes acting classes at Second City, so I'm gonna sneak in and see her in action. The whole reason why she's even in Chicago is to further her acting career, so I'm excited to see her doing what she does best.

We're going to be doing all sorts of things, and we're hoping most of them will be free since we're both broke! She is getting us some passes to some of the museums and such, so that will work out great. We did get tickets for a two-hour lunch cruise in the harbor which will give us a little history on Chicago, its architecture, etc. A sick little part of me wants to go see the building that was in "Adventures in Babysitting" from when I was a teenager, and I know my sister will take me. I have no idea why, but I just want to see it! We're also going to go see "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change," which I had been wanting to see when it was here in Denver, but I never got the chance. Plus, The Noodle is not a big seeing-a-play kind of guy, which is totally fine; that's why I will be indulging that in Chicago. We're gonna hit the zoo (it's free), a jazz club or two, and hopefully get in a little shopping (mostly of the window variety). I had hoped to go to H&M armed with scads of cash since they carry plus-size clothes that are actually trendy and cool, which NEVER happens, but unfortunately that isn't possible this time. It's okay; I'm not planning on being in plus-sizes forever, anyway. Now that The Noodle is gainfully employed, he knows I'll be making up for plenty of missed shopping trips soon! Saturday is Bimpsy's birthday, so we're gonna cook and eat cake with her friends, and then it's on to see Amityville Horror. We are both horror movie freaks, although I typically don't like to see them in theaters because I'm a screamer/jumper. I went to a horror movie once with my cousins and jumped up so violently that I broke my chair (in case you were wondering, this is when I was much thinner, so it wasn't because of that)! We had to move to another row, and it would have been embarrassing if it weren't for the fact that we were the only ones in theater. So yeah, I'm fully aware that I'm annoying that way, but there it is.

Basically, we're going to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off, and I can hardly wait. It should be an awesome time, and I plan on taking pictures, which I may even get nutty and post! No promises, though.

Okay, I gotta bust a move! Back in a few days! Ciao!


Grace said...

Have a great time with your sister. I get along great with mine...when there's great distance involved. The second we're in the same vicinity of each other words get said. Looks get cast and the threat of physical violence ensues. Kidding, sort of.It's nice to read about happy stories too and you're such a positive person it's refreshing.Cheers.

Laura said...

Oh my have to eff the diet for a few days while you are out there and eatChicago Pizza (the real deal)A Maxwell Street PolishAn Italian BeefGenuine Chicago Style Hot Dogs.I'm drooling all over the keyboard. I miss Chicago!And Second City sounds so cool!!~L.