Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Back to Tha' Hood of Things

Hey all! I'm back from my Chicago trip, and Woo Hoo - was it fun!! I love, love, love that city! The weather was perfect and the whole overall trip was better than I could have imagined. Now that I'm back in the groove of regular life, I have realized that I am also back to having very few interesting things to blog about, so I will be entertaining everyone with my accounts of what my vacation with my sister was like. I had originally intended on keeping a journal for every day, but that idea went out the door as soon as I touched down at Chicago's Midway Airport. Too much to do! However, I did start a journal entry on the plane on my way out there, so I'll begin with that today, and then tomorrow I'll pick up with Day One of my six-day trip. On a side note, it has to be said that this trip would not have even been possible if Sam hadn't bought me a plane ticket for Christmas. Yeah, I gave her CDs - Robert Downey Jr. and Britney Spears' Greatest Hits - and she gave me a plane ticket. Seems fair, right? This is all, of course, after we had decided that we were not getting each other anything for Christmas.

On the plane to Chicago:

I'm on the plane, listening to the CDs Bimpsy made me for my trip. We took off while I was listening to Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic," which I thought was the perfect song for ascending through the clouds into the vast blue sky. I really have to go to the bathroom, but I'm not one for airplane toilets. I just feel like my hips are gonna bounce off of every seat as I go by, which is dumb and irrational, but, sometimes irrational is what I do best! Guess I'll just sit back and marvel at how different Bimpsy's musical taste is from mine...

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Grace said...

Welcome back!! Glad you had a blast in Chicago.